Alex Dowis

Alex Dowis has participated as creative artist, stage designer, text writer, director, and actor in a wide range of theatrical and film productions at home and abroad.

He was born in Prague on 29 March 1979 and has devoted himself to painting and drawing since early childhood. A significant portion of his early works consisted of wall murals as part of interior and exterior design. These works were based primarily on graffiti and street art.

From 2000 to 2003, Alex Dowis ran a hip-hop club and produced dozens of cultural events throughout the Czech Republic. For example, he was the founder of the Depo Crew production agency and the Hip Hop Kemp festival.

In 2003, he also began actively working as a creative artist, stage designer, text writer, director and actor at Prague's Archa Theatre. He has worked on many theatrical productions in Europe, the United States, and Asia, such as CHAT: DANGEROUSLY EASY LIAISONS (2003), AT 11:20 I'M LEAVING YOU (2005), and SENANDERSEN (2006).

In recent years, Alex Dowis has also been involved in animation, film set decoration, and stage design, such as those for the Czech television series THE LAST SEASON (2006), and the American feature film RUNNING SCARED (2006). As a creative artist, he is often approached to create advertising campaigns, such as those for UNIMILLS Grandma's Choice (2011 and 2012), and Microsoft Windows 8 (chalk art commercial, 2013).

His other activities have included live fine art exhibits and workshops at various events, fairs, and sports and community events.

He entered the consciousness of the general public as a finalist in the Czech/Slovakia's Got Talent 2012 competition, when he presented his original project, Light Art (painting with light) to the world. He also works in sand art and other artistic techniques.

Dowis is currently working on a project titled JACK RUSSELL: SAVIOUR OF THE PLANET. This feature animated film is inspired by the creative legacy of Vladimír Jiránek, and is billed as a sci-fi family comedy created using classic animation techniques involving the illustration of individual frames animated by computer. Alex was approached for this project by Vladimír Jiránek himself, who taught Alex his style – his characteristic dotted line – during the course of the project.